Federal Circuit Opinions: May 12, 2015

May 12, 2015

Non-Patent Cases

Patent Cases

  • Earvana v. Ernie Ball - R.36 Affirm of Central Dist. of Cali's determination that Earvana has no basis for declaratory judgment against Ernie Ball's legal threats on its currently-in-limbo guitar patent.

  • Wright Mfg. v. The Toro Company - R.36 Affirm of PTAB Nos. 95/001,741 and 95/001,442

  • Acelormittal France v. AK Steel - You can't broaden patent claims after the 2-year reissuance period. Yet another case regarding whether or not claim scope is broadened, this time dealing with what "very high mechanical resistance" means in the context of steel. Is it 1500 megapascals, or 1000?

  • In Re: Gross - R.36 Affirm of 10/770,767.

  • In Re: Gross - R.36 Affirm of 10/771,094.

  • In Re: Media Queue, LLC - R.36 Affirm of 95/000,469. The last three cases share the same counsel.

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