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(A) You may republish whatever is not copyrightable; no rights are claimed to facts or information that are public domain.

(B) You may republish verbatim provided that you conspicuously identify "Scott M. M. Jackson" as the author and link to "". If it is possible to hyperlink, the hyperlink MUST be a "dofollow" hyperlink- "nofollow" links will be considered improper attribution and copyright infringement.

(C) You may modify and republish provided that you identify me as per the specific rules in section (B) above. Additionally, you agree to do everything reasonably necessary to identify the modifications you made. The final product MUST NOT be misleading as to the source of the commentary. Proper blockquotes or direct quotes are explicitly authorized.

(D) Finally, you MUST include a conspicuous disclaimer that the information you copy is not legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is created between Scott M. M. Jackson and the reader. A general disclaimer that includes me as a class of "Authors" or other reasonably inclusive group is explicitly authorized.

(E) Resharing, reblogging, retweeting, or other types of social media resharing are explicitly authorized, even if the formalities in B-D are not followed.

How to Cite Republished Information

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