I Installed Ubuntu 16.04 On An ASUS UX501VW-XS74T (Zenbook Pro). Here's what I learned.

The battery drivers aren't broken.

I got odd battery behavior after never booting into Win10, and immediately wiping the machine and installing Ubuntu after receiving it. The battery was constantly saying it was empty even as the hardware itself said it wasn't.

You shouldn't cycle the battery as a general rule, but I found that draining the battery and charging it back to full fixed this issue permanently. If it's a temporary fix for you, contact Asus.

Use a mainline kernel build.

The kernel that comes packaged with Ubuntu doesn't support the touchscreen.

Ubuntu Kernel/MainlineBuilds

Mainline Directory Listing

To replicate exactly what I have, do the following:

echo "linux-headers-4.9.9-040909_4.9.9-040909.201702090333_all.deb  
linux-image-4.9.9-040909-generic_4.9.9-040909.201702090333_amd64.deb" | while read line; do wget "http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.9.9/$line"; done  
sudo dpkg -i linux*4.9.9-040909*.deb  

Use a third-party touchpad driver.

Warning: Do this AFTER updating your kernel, EVERY TIME. Otherwise you'll be either stuck at the console or stuck clumsily using the touchscreen as your one and only pointing device until you can get the module recompiled.

vlasenko/hid-asus-dkms enables many of the features you're used to having on a fully-featured synaptics touchpad. Here's a one-liner for all that good stuff:

git clone https://github.com/vlasenko/hid-asus-dkms && hid-asus-dkms && ./dkms-add.sh  

Warning: This is a shell script that will execute as superuser. Don't do this on a secure system without reading the shell script first.

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