Understanding 2015 Patent Reform: Part 1 - Overview

Part 2: Pleading Requirements

Part 3: Discovery Limits

Part 4: Fee Shifting

There have been a few major moves to reform the patent law in 2015:

This article is intended to give a useful overview of the similarities and differences between these bills. Because this contains a three-cell-wide table, it'll be best viewed in landscape (wide-screen) on your tablet or smartphone.


P.A.T.E.N.T. Act Innovation Act T.R.O.L. Act
Demand Letter Specificity Demand Letter Requirements Demand Letter Specificity
Pleading Requirements Pleading Requirements N/A
Discovery Limits Discovery Limits N/A
Fee Shifting Fee Shifting N/A
Financial Interest Disclosures Financial Interest Disclosures N/A
Actual Willful Conduct Actual Willful Conduct N/A
Customer Stay Customer Stay N/A
Judicial Conference Recommendations Judicial Conference Recommendations N/A
Licensing & Litigation Disclosure N/A N/A
N/A Joinder Rule N/A

Check this space for updates where I'll be posting redlines and closer detailed looks at each section.

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